1. Freedom

From the recording Seasons

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You can cover my mouth, but you can’t cover my heart… Freedom, freedom

You call me defiant cause I won’t be silent, I become vocal you become violent
Suppress my voice oppress my choice, Imma get louder chest out prouder
March a little farther drum a little harder, stir a little trouble no I won’t barter
Silence peace violent streets, people lost life to give me this right
To stand up now you can crack down, but we came too far just to turn back now
They wanna take me out Neda Ghandi, Nelson King to the people I bring
Hope to the next wave love to the next phase, in pain please can you explain
Why when we kick it and picket in the street, do we get shackled maced beat
Roughed up cuffed up stuffed in a cell, for raising our voice you claim we raise hell
Selfless, sacrifice we won’t be deterred, you can’t stop us our voices will be heard


Game over change over, your reign over the pain over
Love my country love my people, we all fighting for life that’s equal
Wave my flag represent the masses… watch as the dirty regime crashes
We on the front line with the megaphone, ignite the battle zone with my microphone
Freedom is far from free far from me, freedom is costly look what it cost me
Stand for peace stand together to end bloodshed, every child world wide loved and fed
Gotta fight no flight, lay down my life for what’s right
For the millions let’s take the lead, until the oppressed are freed c’mon