From the recording Seasons

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Who Do You Say I Am


Who do you say I am you say that I’m a loser, that I’m an alcoholic and a chronic drug abuser
You say I’m ignorant hopeless you say that I’m born to fail
You say I’ll end up, =in a cemetery or in jail
Who do you say I am? You say I’m like my father
And he was good for nothing, and that I shouldn’t bother
As if I’m just a waste, taking up heat and space
You want my name erased =and to wipe me off the face
Of the earth, *and what’s worse is sometimes I listen to the chatter
And I’m searchin’ what’s worse is sometimes I feel I don’t matter
Who do you say I am? Was I an accident?
Unwanted from the start, another one of those tragic kids
You said my efforts wasted, you even got specific
That I’d end up in the system, as just a sad statistic
Laughed at what I believe in, you told =me to stop the dreaming
Said I was never leaving the tragic life I’m seeing
Who do you say I am? You claim I’m illegit
And that I’d amount to nothing, and that I might as well stop and quit
You called me out my name, claim I’m the source of pain
Said I should shoulder blame, and carry all the shame
I struggled daily with it, cause I felt that there was something more
A man of destiny with better days in store
I heard every word =every syllable of what you said and now I know
Who do you say I am? Nah, I don’t think so

Chorus: Who do you say I am?

Who do You say I am You say that I’m a winner
Success in stride with me We synchronized swimmers
Ok I heard the noise and the voice of all my critics
Every time another one of em are telling me I can’t make ‘em eat they words and get it
Who do You say I am? As I whisper to myself
You said I’d change the world, and my life will bring more than wealth
Every minute of the pain that I go through, every minute of the joy as I go to
Another level with a purpose and passion the question that my mind is asking
Who do You say I am? I’m sorta like that little drummer
Cause I march like Martin Luther plus I’m an over comer
I’m warming up like summer, and the temperature is rising
My confidence is rising, my dream is on the horizon
On the mark but tripped out the starting blocks and I heard the chatter
But I gotta run harder and faster my position doesn’t matter
Who do you say I am? The visions getting clearer
I’m loving what I see, when I’m looking in the mirror

Chorus- Outro