1. Still Standing

From the recording Seasons

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Still Standing, Still Me

Chorus: I’m still standing Plain to see, I’m still standing I’m still me
I’m still standing My soul is free, I’m still standing and I’m still me

You’re looking in the face of a fighter, my light was dim but these days it shine a lot brighter
I’m feeling like I been through hell yet, I’m still standing ain’t heard a final round bell yet
Uh... I seen a whole lotta pain, looked for the sun but saw a whole lotta rain
Tears from the skies and tears fell from my eyes, no one heard my cries fear had me paralyzed
I felt like a part of me was shattered, that part of me felt like I never mattered
A lot was taken from me and that was real see, but now I recognize the fact that I’m still me
I’m speaking direct to the ones who been abused
Physically, mentally, sexually, and left confused
Today we stand together strong with good news
Real talk because I walked in your shoes


No longer label a victim, I took the feelings of guilt shame and I kicked ‘em
Off a cliff I stand tall now, took a hit but I won’t fall now
Yesterday is gone my Father says it’s finished, I forgive them as He forgave ‘em its power in it
But I won’t forget, and Imma tell my story, to give another hope, to give to Him the Glory
Fighters carry scars as a gentle reminder, to be strong and humble gentle and kinder
This flesh will go to dust my soul will see Your throne
Cause I’m stronger and better and no longer alone