1. Who Is He

From the recording Seasons

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Who is He?

X, gonna take the game to a level and it ain’t the same
Anotha level with a purpose and passion I got cha askin’ (who is he)
Who is that young brotha from the projects Spittin’ verses that represent the rejects
Comin’ up from the bottom to the top and naw it don’t stop (who is he)
The one to set this track ablaze the one to keep your hands raised
The one to bring that light to the dark and provide a spark (who is he)
Comin’ wit it fin ta bring that noise comin’ wit it fin ta fill that void
Left by the other rappers in the industry it’s only me (who is he)
Still hungry reaching for the pinnacle clawing scratching gotta take it back when
The projects had me never met daddy y’all can’t figure out (who is he)
In his season I rhyme with a reason other than residuals other individuals
Keepin ya stuck in neutral its crucial we get somewhere (who is he)
Who is that nobody goin’ nowhere who turned into somebody goin’ somewhere
Here to bring y’all more than you got bringin’ more to the block bringin more to the plot
A hustla from the street to the boardroom find me doin it corporate or grimy
Whatever it takes to make a difference bringin’ the mislead people some deliverance (who is he)
The young Nat King Kiz makin’ it hot and still handlin’ my biz
My life bigger than myself my wealth my fam my crew gotta touch a few
Million world wide from Sierra Leone to the city that I call my home
X represent the unknown bout to be known (who is he)

Chorus: I’m that X factor the one they left out
I’m that underdog the one they counted out (who is he)
I’m that single mother that strugglin’ brotha
That diamond in the rough they can’t get enough (who is he)
I’m that up and comin’ I’m bout to break out
I’m that underdog the one they counted out (who is he)
I got the talent all I need is a chance
That diamond in the rough that’s never givin’ up (who is he)

Check it out I’m comin’ thru fin ta make my debut
But I’m back again and I’m back to win and boom (who is he)
You were thinking that the run was over but who’s back wit a chip on his shoulder
And I’m back in the traffic sittin’ in a jet black roadsta (who is he)
Who the one that had the mother workin’ two jobs who the one to neva steal kill or rob
Who the one that neva sold crack knocked down but I’m comin’ right back (who is he)
Gotta do it one time for my people gotta do it two times make it equal
So y’all bounce to the flow let me know then you wait for the sequel (who is he)
Neva known to be a politician but the X gonna bring the law
Neva known to be a chef like sushi I bring it raw (who is he)
Wit a flow so cold its frozen X is God’s chosen
To make change not the kind that you spend but the kind from within’ (who is he)
No time for the weed or the drank or the pill cuz I gotta keep it all in The Will
Wanna leave this world that we live in a betta place holla at a brotha on My Space
Got a lotta y’all trembling and nervous cause I’m the one that rhymes with a purpose
Who’s that gonna bring it to you real with the steel soon to be revealed (who is he)
Gotta show the young boys how to respect the game show em how to get the fame
Still stay humble rumble as a last resort gotta teach my seed that it ain't all about the greed but about the need gonna change the world with a change in time or maybe just your mind (who is he)