From the recording Seasons

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Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come?
Why should my heart feel lonely, and why should heaven long?
When Jesus is my portion, a constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow so I know he watches me

God loves me, plain and simple
But some days it gets so complex
The stress tough to digest today got me perplexed
Tomorrow seem hopeless I’m tryin to keep my focus
God got wars and poverty on His mind
Death, destruction, the state of mankind
Hmm… Maybe He lost track of my pain
I’m feeling like my prayer is in vain, its insane
Help me Lord….


My life was smooth sailing the water got choppy…
God always carried me, feeling like He dropped me
Could that verse in Matthew be true
About the birds in the air, see they don’t despair
Because He’s faithful…
And I’m grateful… And hopeful
That He could take this broken vessel up another level
His word said it so it must be true
Father help my faith, let me keep my trust in You c’mon