From the recording Seasons

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No One Like Me

Take a second look and you’ll see, there is no one like Me
You better reconsider, you will never do better, there is no one like Me

I traveled the globe, rocked shows and flipped flows
Cut pros and folded dough =if you didn’t know I had
Whips and chips, chicks that did flips and
Life was quick but I was sinking like quicksand
Needed a new heart, needed a new flavor
Needed a life line, needed a true Savior
And so I found Him, rather He found me
He cleaned my mess quicker picker up than bounty
And He surrounds me its so profound see
No questions asked He laid His life down for me
So if you ever feel down, defeated, destroyed
None like Jesus will fill the void

I’m at the point in my life where I gotta trust
The One they call Emmanuel aka God with us
Ascending high into the sky like a fighter pilot
And every wrong decision you can make I probably tried it
In the past my flesh I tried to satisfy, but they do it to is what I used to gratify
The world has got a price to pay for trying to play it solo
I’m on that everlasting life while they just saying yolo
Believe it or not I was once on death row
Till I finally just let God and let go
His Spirit in me and now I feel invincible
I am the student and He is the principal
I’m the player on the screen the Lord is my controller
If in case you want to doubt pause and ask Xola
If he’d trade his faith in for the world and all its beauty
He’ll tell you nah because he’s living out his call of duty


Life is up and down and we all feel joy and pain
Smiles and sunshine sometimes its frowns and rain
But keep your head up, and keep your hands up
Cause when we fall short the Son will fill your cup
We here to follow Jesus we here to reach the lost
We here to give Him glory, and you know He paid the cost
Wiped away our sin =as He took away the shame
Game over satan the blameless took the blame
Come on lets armor up and go for what we know
And let the world see the cross ain’t just for show
I don’t know about you =but I know I tripped up
Slipped up did wrong and that’s the message of this song
I ran to all the nonsense satan was hookin up
I looked to everything else instead of looking up
You trying everything else You better try the Risen
There’s nothing like Him realize that you’re forgiven